Saturday Feb 22 09:49pm
And then he said, ‘you may all go fuck yourselves’ Saturday Feb 22 09:47pm
Wednesday Feb 19 01:12am
Monday Jun 17 12:51pm

I was just wondering when the love of my life will finally greet me… Stop hiding!

Monday Jun 17 12:49pm
Sunday Mar 31 09:57pm

Why can’t I just have the strength to take those pills, hold that knife to my stomach, or throw myself overboard. Why am I so weak…why am I so lazy. I have given up, so why not just give in. I don’t understand. I really don’t .

Sunday Mar 31 09:55pm
Sunday Mar 10 11:21pm

It’s been some time, and nothing’s new . Just wish things would lighten up, I had lighter hair. I want Summer, and to go far away to relax. I’d love to just be in peace. That’d be nice…not happening.

Sunday Mar 10 11:19pm
Saturday Dec 22 08:13pm

I’ve messed up over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over again. It seems as though I will never learn my lesson. Why am I such a failure? I can never do anything right. I’m a disgusting parasite. I’m better off dead. Like why does she have to be so dramatic about it all. I just want to simply be dead, with peace after. All I really want is peace. Yeah, I’m possessive, but that is a flaw I can’t fathom how to change. I just never get it right. There are things wrong with me, but nothing will help better the situation. I’m not going to do anything about it, and it will all continue to be the same. Perhaps I’ll tire of this one day and just end it. I simply seek peace, but I have the impulse to do all the wrong things. What is wrong with me…I just can’t

Saturday Dec 22 08:11pm
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